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Updated for December, 2021

Your Complete Guide to the Best Walk-In Tubs for 2022

Everything to Consider Before Purchasing a Walk-In Tub in 2022

Caregivers and adult children of elderly parents are often all too familiar with how overwhelming it can be to prepare a home for aging in place. This is especially true when it comes to searching for the best walk-in tubs for their bathroom. Many walk-in tubs come with extra safety and comfort features such as hydrotherapy jets, air massage systems, built-in grab bars, and some are now even self-cleaning. With so many options to consider, how can you know which walk-in tub is the best for you or your loved one?

Our Favorite Walk-In Tub
best overall medical alert system

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What are the Basic Features of a Walk-In Tub?

1. Size

As you’re looking for walk-in tubs, consider the area in your bathroom where it needs to go as well as the amount of water it should hold. If you’re replacing a current tub or shower, the walk-in will need to fit in the same space. Furthermore, the size will need to accommodate the amount that your hot water heater can supply.

2. Safety

Walk-in tubs make bathing easier and more accessible for seniors or those with disabilities. If you also use any mobility devices, make sure you’re considering them when choosing a model. Some tubs are specifically built for wheelchairs or walkers and will ensure your safety when getting in and out.


3. Fill and Drain System

Because walk-in tubs are designed for easy access, a bather has to wait inside while the tub fills or empties. The side door will spill water out if you attempt to open it otherwise. If you don’t want to wait, look for models with fast-filling faucets and fast drain systems.

4. Therapeutic Features

Seniors using walk-in tubs can also benefit from additional therapeutic features, such as water massage, air massage, chromatheraphy, and aromatheraphy. These can help you relax, mitigate pain, and make your bath more enjoyable overall. Most of these options are add-ons that cost extra when you purchase your tub.

Ella Ultimate Inward-Swinging Door Model

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Why choose the Ella Ultimate?
  • Body made of durable high-grade acrylic
  • Quick-emptying dual drain system
  • Comes standard with anti-scald technology, therapeutic options, and a foot massage function
  • Highly rated by online reviewers

Best Luxury Model

Jacuzzi Finestra Walk-In Tub with the Salon Spa package

Jacuzzi Finestra Walk-In Tub

Why choose a Jacuzzi Finestra tub?
  • Durable and scratch-resistant acrylic over steel body
  • Offers Jacuzzi’s famous water jet massage system
  • Comes with one of the strongest warranties in the industry.

Best Walk-In Shower

Safe Step Walk-In Shower

Safe Step Walk-In Shower

Why choose the Safe Step walk-in shower?
  • Comes in low-threshold and barrier free models
  • Also comes with an anti-scald system to prevent injury
  • Offers designer options such as sliding glass doors and a variety of metal finishes

Best Accessible Tub

Ella Transfer

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Why choose the Ella Transfer?
  • Wide and easy-to-use L-shaped door makes transferring to the tub easy
  • Offers the same range of therapeutic options as Ella’s standard models
  • Body made of durable, scratch-resistant acrylic

Best Compact Walk-Tub

Meditub 2739 Series (“Space Saver”)

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Why choose Meditub’s Space Saver model?
  • Designed specifically for those who might have trouble installing a standard-sized tub
  • Outward-swinging door makes for better accessibility
  • Comes with a built-in headrest for a more comfortable soaking experience
  • Despite smaller size, is fully featured, with spa and hydrotherapy options available

Best economical option

Universal Tubs HD Series “Standard” Model

Universal Tubs HD Series “Standard” Model

Why choose Universal Tubs’ standard walk-in tub?
  • Comes in a wide variety of sizes to fit customer need or bathroom space
  • Depending on the discounts currently on offer, the tub can come at one of the lowest prices in the industry
  • Magnetic access panels allow easy installation and repair

Best value in a full-featured tub

American Standard Gelcoat

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Why choose the American Standard Gelcoat Entry walk-in tub?
  • Price is one of the lowest offered by any major-name manufacturer
  • Comes standard with chrome taps and a handheld shower wand
  • Spa and hydrotherapy packages also available for a reasonable price
  • Comes with a lifetime door seal warranty and a ten-year warranty on the tub shell

Best soaker model

Kohler Walk-In Tub

Kohler Walk-In Tub

Why choose Kohler’s standard soaking tub?
  • Faucet system fills the tub faster than any other model on the market
  • Fast drain empties the tub in under two minutes
  • Handheld shower wand provides three spray settings
  • Provides an extra-wide door and extra low threshold

Your Complete Guide to the Best Walk-In Tubs for 2019

Most of us take for granted the ability to keep ourselves clean, and shower or bathe without worrying about injuring ourselves. As people get older, however, bathing can become something that we can no longer take for granted. Age can affect our sense of balance and weaken our muscles to such an extent that bathing can become dangerous, and among the elderly, bathroom falls are frequent enough to make the bathroom the most dangerous room in the house. And a serious fall in the bathroom has the potential to put a senior in the hospital or even take their life.

What are the benefits of a walk-in tub?

Fall prevention isn’t the only challenge when it comes to seniors and bathing: illness and injury can make it impossible for a senior to physically lift themselves out of a tub, and can make it harder for them to stay upright for the length of time it takes to properly shower. Combined with the danger of falling, these challenges can lead some seniors to neglect their hygiene, threatening their independence and their quality of life.

Fortunately, there’s a complete solution to the problem of bathing safely: walk-in baths. These specially designed showers and bathtubs feature low thresholds, built-in seats, and other standard safety features that make a fall much less likely—and make taking a bath much easier and more convenient regardless of physical ability. What’s more, the best walk-in tubs can come with therapeutic options, including air and water massage systems, heated seats, and even aromatherapy and chromatherapy.

If injuries, illness, joint problems, mobility issues, or just the effects of aging are preventing you from keeping clean or preventing you from enjoying the full experience of a bath or shower, then walk-in tubs are the most complete solution on the market. But that market is full of a bewildering array of choices, and to help you find the best options out there, we’ve had a look at dozens of models to give you this list of the best available.

How Did We Find the Best Walk-In Tubs?

We looked at dozens of the most popular walk-in tubs on the market, and we considered value, comfort, features and accessibility when selecting our favorite walk-in tubs.

A walk-in tub can confer enormous benefits both in terms of health and independence.

While most walk-in tubs share the same basic features, there are a few that stand out for being unique in the marketplace.

First among these is the Ella Companion, which really has no match in the industry. It brings all the quality and the full features of the ordinary line of Ella tubs, but does so in a way that allows two people to use the bath at the same time, creating a hot tub-type experience that users can enjoy even if they’re dealing with mobility or balance issues.

Another unique offering is the Meditub Step-In model. Most people looking into a walk-in tub would prefer to have a built-in seat, but for those just looking for a low threshold, Universal Tubs sells what is essentially a cadet-sized tub with an inward-swinging door. Built out of durable and scratch-resistant acrylic, this model can come with either the spa or hydrotherapy package, but is still priced very reasonably, with the soaker model only costing a little more than a standard tub. If you’d prefer to use a removable bath chair or transfer bench—or if you’re not concerned about raising or lowering yourself into the tub, this could be the niche offering you’re looking for.

Finally, if you’re in the market for a shower enclosure as well as a tub, Home Depot, the exclusive online home for Universal Tubs, offers an alcove tiling package with almost every model of walk-in tub it sells under the Universal Tubs brand. This handy package includes tile sheets, self-adhesive tape, and everything else you need to self-install a beautiful bathing environment for your preferred walk-in tub.