Ask Your Advocate – Do you know the difference between apple wine and cider?

Is there a difference between apple wine and cider?

The labeling of cider can be confusing. Since many ciders are less than 7% alcohol by volume they are subject to FDA labeling requirements and do not need a Certificate of Label Approval.

For an apple wine that is derived wholly from apples (with the exception of sugar, water and added alcohol) the terms “apple wine” or “cider” may be used as the class/type designation of the finished product. The term “apple cider” may also be used. If the finished wine is sparkling, the word sparkling must be used in the class/type statement such as “sparkling apple wine” or “sparkling cider”.

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Does WineAmerica work with other alcohol industry groups in Washington, DC?

WineAmerica works with many other alcohol commodity groups on a wide variety of issues. We regularly work with the Wine Institute, the Brewers Association, the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States, the Beer Institute and others. We are stronger in our messaging when we work in a coalition with other commodities. We do differ in our views on some issues, but we work well with the other groups on a consistent basis.