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A Comprehensive Guide to Fall Prevention

Falls are a common fear in older adults–and for good reason. The consequence of a single slip or trip goes far beyond the initial pain. Falling often decreases one’s overall ability to function. It necessitates hospitalization, surgery, and long-term care. It often leads to social isolation, feelings of helplessness, and a fear of falling again.

The very fear of falling can have a devastating effect on an older adult’s quality of life. It is natural to grow averse to a very painful, unpleasant experience, and someone who has fallen may begin to limit his or her activities. As your body becomes weaker and less agile with age, the fear of falling creates a domino effect of a more sedentary lifestyle and physical atrophy. This, in turn, only makes you more likely to fall. In fact, fear of falling is even a defined geriatric syndrome.