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Best Hearing Amplifiers

Updated for December, 2021

Some of the links on this page may link to our affiliates. Learn more about our ad policies.

Best Hearing Amplifiers

Updated for December, 2021

Our Top Pick

AudioRange ITE-1000 Solo
Wireless TV Headphones

Best Budget

Aioze Digital
Hearing Amplifier

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Best Hearing Amplifiers

If you struggle to hear a conversation with your loved ones, pick up dialogue in your favorite movies and TV shows, and find that your hardship makes you less likely to attend social events, it’s time to consider investing in hearing amplifiers.

Hearing amplifiers are wearable products that use a microphone, enabling you to hear nearby sounds and best suited for people who need better sound for recreation or can’t afford prescription hearing aids. One of the best parts about these devices is that they don’t require a prescription–you only have to wait for them to ship to you to improve your hearing.

Although you can’t customize hearing amplifiers the way you can with hearing aids, you’ll still be able to increase the quality of your life through this wearable technology.
Read on as we go over some of the best hearing amplifiers on the market today.

Top Pick

The AudioRange ITE-1000 Wireless Headphones are our top pick for anyone struggling to hear movie or TV show dialogue. They’re comfortable and get the job done at an affordable price.

AudioRange ITE-1000 Solo

AudioRange ITE-1000 Solo

Features and Specs
  • NO AUDIO LAG – Transmitter plugs directly into your TV
  • CONVENIENT CHARGING DOCK – Charge your wireless headphones in any location of your home
  • MULTIPLE EAR TIPS FOR HEADPHONES – You’re always comfortable
  • US-based customer support

  • Easy set up, no pairing required for most TVs
  • Mic and sound amplifier allow for better conversations without taking headphones off
  • Comfortable, lightweight in-ear design
  • 10 hours of battery
  • No lip-sync delay

  • In-ear headphones aren’t compatible with hearing aids

If you’re struggling to hear the dialogue of your favorite movie or TV show, this is our top pick. The AudioRange ITE-1000 are in-ear TV headphones that enable you to listen to the TV without turning up the volume to uncomfortable levels.

We like the fact that these headphones sit comfortably inside your ear canal–unlike earbuds, your ears won’t get sore over time. They also come with a mic and sound amplifier, meaning that you’ll be able to have an entire conversation without needing to take them off. In addition, you can mute background noise from the TV and amplify the sound around you to a natural level.

The AudioRange ITE-1000 Wireless Headphones work with almost all TVs and devices – you won’t have to struggle with complicated setup or pairing steps. They also have a range of 100 feet, enabling you to watch TV from an enjoyable distance or get up without missing what was said.

Most Discrete to Wear

For those suffering from mild to moderate hearing loss and who want a more subtle alternative to hearing aids, the iBstone Rechargeable Hearing Amplifier is a solid choice. Some may struggle with finding a size that’s small enough for their ears, but the struggle may be worth it, considering the low price.

iBstone Rechargeable Hearing Amplifier
  • Super Effective Hearing Assist - Ideal for most mild to moderate hearing loss. With noise reduction, these small devices will bring you...
  • Completely-in-Canal - Very small and lightweight, no burden for ears for long time using. Great for people wearing glasses or masks.
  • State of the Art Design - Blue device for left ear, red device for right ear, pure white magenitic charging base. Nice appearance and...
  • Rechargeable - Place it in the charging base, you will get a 24 hours using duration. As easy as charging a mobile phone - no need to...

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  • 24 hours of working time, only three to six hours of charging
  • Lightweight–weighs only 2g
  • Adjustable sound volume and active noise reduction
  • Subtle design can match some skin colors
  • Available in three sizes for comfortable wear
  • No alternative color options for POC
  • Only for people with mild to moderate hearing loss
  • Need smaller sizes available–may be too large for some ears