Aging in place doesn’t mean you stop moving. Learn how you can stay mobile as you age. From transportation services to scooters and wheelchairs, we have assembled a comprehensive list of independently reviewed products.

A Guide to Mobility Chairs: Manual, Power, Accessories

An injury will sometimes require a wheelchair. In other instances, it may just be that balance, stability and stamina just aren’t what they use to be, and you need assistance to get around.


Mobility Options for Aging in Place

There is an abundance of mobility options to help seniors get around on today’s market. Read our guide to learn more about each of those options.

staying mobile while aging in place

Staying Mobile

Staying mobile can be one of the biggest challenges you or your loved ones experience during the aging process. Read our guide on staying mobile to learn more about how to maintain safety and independence while aging in place.

Our Favorite Mobility Products

We’ve expertly reviewed a variety of mobility products with you in mind.

By choosing empowering products and accessories, you’ll never need to sacrifice your comfort.

Mobility Scooter Reviews

wheelchair for travel airport airplane

Best Electric Wheelchairs for Travel

Being in a wheelchair should not confine you from traveling. Here’s our best picks for electric chairs designed to travel.

electic wheelchair

Best Elevating Electric Wheelchairs

If getting out of the chair or into vehicles is something that becomes an issue for you or your loved one, an elevating chair could quickly solve this problem and simplify your life.

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Best Heavy Duty Electric Wheelchairs

Electric wheelchairs are great for seniors who need an easier way to get around. Take a look at six of the best heavy duty electric wheelchairs money can buy.

Wheelchair Reviews

Best Shower Wheelchairs

Shower wheelchairs provide seniors with limited mobility to carry out task in the bathroom easier. Find out which one is the best and how they compare.

senior man pushing senior woman in wheelchair

Best Wheelchair Accessories

Wheelchair accessories are great for those who spend large amounts of time in a wheelchair. Read about a few great options for you or a loved one in this review.

Best Wheelchair Tires

Wheelchairs need maintenance just like any other device. Wheels are usually a part of that maintence. In this guide we review the best on the market.

lightweight wheelchairs

Best Ultralight Manual Wheelchairs

If you are disabled or a caregiver responsible for transporting patients you know having a light wheelchair has a significant impact on your job. Check out the great ultralight manual wheelchairs we’ve reviewed.

best reclining wheelchairs

Best Reclining Manual Wheelchairs

Reclining wheelchairs serve a variety of purposes for seniors. Use this review to help you decide which reclining manual wheelchair is best for you.

Mobility Accessory Reviews

Best Wheelchair Pouches & Holders

You might find yourself or a loved one wanting to carry something while in a wheelchair. This guide explores multiple options of wheelchair pouches.

Best Wheelchair Trays

There are many options to make your wheelchair more convient. We review the best wheelchair trays that can help make time spent in a wheelchair much easier.

best wheelchair ramps

Best Threshold Ramps For Wheelchairs

Threshold ramps can help maintain independence and maintain a high quality of life. Learn more about the benefits and which one is right for you here.

hospital wheelchair cushion

Best Wheelchair Cushion

Wheelchair cushions help relieve pain from specific areas where pain is more likely. We’ve reviewed some of the best on the market. Find the best one for your needs.

Best Wheelchair Backings

Learn more about six of the best wheelchair backings to help protect your back.

Lift Reviews

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Best Scooter Lifts

Needing a mobility scooter doesn’t mean you have to leave it at home when you travel. We’ve picked out the top scooter lifts for vehicles on the market for you to check out.

Best Wheelchair Car Lifts

Having a wheelchair doesn’t make traveling easy. Check out these wheelchair car lifts so you can take your wheelchair with you.

senior woman sitting by pool

Best Handicap Pool Lifts

When deciding which lift is best for your swimming area you should consider weight capacity, type of pool, manual or automatic rotation, support features and more.

Man in a hoist

Best Electric Patient Lifts

Sometimes, as we age, we need a little extra help getting out of chairs and beds. Here are some of the best electric patient lifts on the market.

Best Stand Up Lifts

Stand up lifts come in many varieties and help ensure greater safety when transferring seniors and assist and aid caregivers during patient transfers.