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Best Devices for Amplified Telephone Listening

Updated for December, 2021

How We Found the Best Devices for Amplified Telephone Listening
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Best Devices for Amplified Telephone Listening

As we get older our hearing begins to decrease and conversations get tougher to follow, especially if there is ambient noise in the area. This struggle increases with the use of the phone—be it a landline or cell phone—it’s easy to miss words or even whole sentences. Many seniors feel bad about constantly asking for something to be repeated and eventually remain silent or attempt to fake the conversation. In the end they can feel disconnected from people or worry they are missing out. And for healthy aging in place, remaining connected and involved is crucial.

There are options for those who have difficulty with hearing. Whether you experience hearing loss yourself, or are a caregiver or a loved one to someone with a hearing condition, finding an amplified telephone or device to assist with hearing on a current device can make all the difference. We have reviewed a variety of options so you can see what works best for your specific situation.