Home Modifications

Stay in the home where you’ve made a lifetime of memories. A well-adapted home works for all generations, including seniors who are aging in place. Select a room below to begin.

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Our top home modification guides for aging in place comfortably.
Stairlifts: Your Everything Guide

Stairlifts: Your Everything Guide

For people who live in homes with more than one story, not being able to use the stairs can make aging in place difficult or even dangerous. Learn more in this guide about stairlifts.

The Best Walk-In Tubs Review

Your Complete Guide to the Best Walk-In Tubs for 2022

What are the best walk-in tubs for 2022? How do you choose a walk-in tub? We’ve reviewed some of the best walk-in tub options on the market to help you in your search. Read on to find the best walk-in tub for you or your loved ones.

Your Complete Buyer’s Guide to Accessible Bathing—From Bath Strips to Walk-In Tubs

As one gets older, bathing can become a complicated issue, especially if one has medical concerns. In this guide we look at all the ways to modify your bathroom to keep you independent.

Walk-In Tub Reviews

Walk-in tubs provide safety and comfort for seniors with limited mobility. At Aging In Place, we’ve reviewed the best walk-in tubs on the market so you can make an informed decision toward living independently.

Our Favorite Home Modification Products

We’ve chosen the best devices that make aging in your home easier and accommodate your needs as you they change.

Smart Home

lawn mower

Worx Landroid Review

Mowing the lawn can be hard on some seniors and for those living on a fixed income, a lawn service isn’t always an option. Learn about the Worx Landroid lawn mowing robot in this review.

outlets smart outlet

Best Smart Outlets

As time goes on our lives are becoming easier through the use of technology. Learn more in this article about the best smart outlets to help save you some money on your next electric bill.

best door bells

Best Doorbells for Seniors and the Elderly

A good doorbell is an important feature of any home. Read our review of the best doorbells for seniors and elderly folks.

smart phone turning on light

Best Smart Light Bulbs

In the age of ever-growing technology, smart bulbs are simple to use and offer some great benefits.

senior man opening door

Best Options for Keyless Entry

A keyless entry system is an effective way of eliminating a fall risk. Read more in this review about which keyless entry system might be best for you.


Best Toilet Lights

Toilet lights are an affordable way to help illuminate a bathroom to make late night trips safer. Read more to see the different kinds on the market.

Best Night Lights With Motion Sensors for Seniors

Most falls are attributed to the loss of site as we age. In this guide we look at the best nightlights that feature motion sensors.

best light therapy lamps

Top Light Therapy Boxes and Lamps

Light Therapy Boxes And Lamps can improve quality of life and even reduce dementia symptoms. Read our review to find the best one for your situation.

smart phone turning on light

Best Smart Light Bulbs

In the age of ever-growing technology, smart bulbs are simple to use and offer some great benefits.

path lighting along driveway.

Best Options for Path Lighting

Outdoor path lighting is more than a decorative landscape element. It’s also a useful way to prevent falls. Find the best options for you in this review.

floor lamp by couch providing lighting

Best Floor Lamps

One common risk factor for falls among seniors is poor lighting. In this guide we review some of the best lamps that will help illuminate any room.

Kitchen Accessories

seniors eating together

Best Dinnerware & Utensils for the Elderly

Numerous products available on the market can help the elderly with eating and everyday functions to gain and maintain independence. Find the best option for you in this review.

senior woman preparing food

Best Knife Guards for the Elderly

The Best Knife Guards for the Elderly will help you find the right product for your cooking needs and safety with an overview of features.

senior opening jar

Best Can & Jar Openers for the Elderly

As we age, we can lose strength in our hands. In this review we have picked out some of the best can and jar openers for making life just a bit easier for seniors.

senior woman opening water bottle.

Best Bottle Pouring & Cup Drinking Aids for the Elderly

Tasks like taking a drink or opening a bottle can become more challenging as we age. Check out this review to see a few of our favorites.

Bathroom Accessories

Best Raised Toilet Seats with Arms

Raised toilet seats with arms are a great and affordable bathroom upgrade. Read more to find out how the top ones compare and whats best for you.

Best Toilet Lifts

In this review we look at some of the best toilet lifts on the market. This is a great addition to ones bathroom to help keep you independent.

Best Commode Chairs

Bathroom commode chairs are a great way to maintain indpendence as you age in place. However, there are serval on the market. We look at each one closely in this guide.

rolling chair sitting in senior friendly bathroom

Best Shower Chairs with Wheels

Shower chairs with wheels can make it much easier and safer for seniors to bathe. In this review we look at four of the best you can buy.

a bidet

Best Bidets for Seniors

Eliminating the action of wiping from a seniors daily life can help tremendously. Stay independent in the bathroom with the help of a bidet. Learn more about bidets in our review.

Bedroom Accessories

bed pan

Best Bed Pans and Urinals

While it might be an uncomfortable subject, there are different factors that go into picking a bed pan. Read our guide to find the right fit for you.

overbed table

Best Overbed Tables

Overbed tables can help those who have to spend periods of time in their beds. Find out the benefits of an overbed table and which is best in this guide.

best beds for seniors

10 Best Sleep Accessories and Mattresses for Seniors

Seniors have greater difficulty getting a good night’s sleep than other age groups. Read more to find out what kind of mattress might suit your or your loved ones needs.

senior getting assistance to get out of bed

Best Bedside Step Stools For Seniors

A step stool can greatly help someone with low mobility get in and out of bed. In this review we talk about the pros/cons of the best ones on the market

Best Bed Trapeze for Seniors Aging in Place

If you are someone with limited mobility, having a bed trapeze can make your life easier. In this review we take a look at the best on the market.

Elderly man sleeping in bed

Best Bed Alarms For Elderly Fall Prevention

Bed alarms alert you, should the senior in your care get up or need you. Read our guide to see which one is the right bed alarm for your situation.


Best Toilet Lifts

In this review we look at some of the best toilet lifts on the market. This is a great addition to ones bathroom to help keep you independent.

platform lift stair lift

Best Platform Lifts

As we age, everyday things like stairs pose a tougher challenge than they did in our youth, especially if you use a wheelchair. A platform lift may be the solution you or your loved one needs.

senior woman in recliner

Top Lift Chairs For The Elderly

Mobility and independence are essential to seniors. Lift chairs are another tool to help the elderly maintain their freedom. Find the right lift chair for you or a loved one in this review.

best recliners

Best Lift Chair Recliners

Check out these great lift chairs that provide the comfort and accessibility you need when you’re ready to take a rest.

Living Room Accessories

Best Geriatric Massage Chairs

Despite seeming like a luxury, geriatric massage chairs can be great for seniors. There are many options for the chairs. Read on to find the best for you.

Top Sensor Mats for Fall Prevention

Falling poses a huge risk to seniors, however there are sensor mats that can alert someone. Find out which is the best one for you.

senior male being helped up by woman after slipping on rug

Best Non-Slip Rug Grippers and Pads

A rug gripper or non-slip pad is a simple yet practical way to prevent falls. Find the right one for your home in this guide.

Best Stand Assist Devices

As we age our mobility begins to decrease. In this guide we look at some of the best and easiest stand assist on the market to help keep you mobile.

best wheelchair ramps

Best Threshold Ramps For Wheelchairs

Threshold ramps can help maintain independence and maintain a high quality of life. Learn more about the benefits and which one is right for you here.


Best Offset Door Hinges

Offset door hinges, also called “swing clear hinges,” can give you better access to the doorways in your home, even with the extra equipment. Read more in this review about how they can help you.

best sleeping chairs for seniors

Perfect Sleeping Chairs for Adults

Sleeper chairs are an innovative option for older adults. They allow for optimal comfort and versatility. Learn more in this review about which one is right for you.

Grab Bars

bathroom grab bar

Best Suction Grab Bars for the Bathroom

The risk of falls is greatly increased in the bathroom for seniors. In this guide we look at some of the best suction grab bars that increase your safety.

Best Grab Bars for Showers

Read more about grab bars for showers and how they can help keep seniors safe in the shower.

bathroom grab bar

Best Grab Bars for Bathtubs

Grab bars can be used all over the bathroom, but having them for the bathtub can help keep you safe. Find the best one for you and your bathtub in this review.

ADA Grab Bars

Best ADA Grab Bars

Grab bars are an imperative feature that you can add to your bathroom to prevent falls, help with balance when attending to toileting and hygiene needs. Find the right one for you in this review.

Best Moen Grab Bars

Grab bars are one of the easiest features to install in a home to help improve safety. These bars can help provide support to those who need. In this article we review the best 7 bars you can get on the market today.